Acu Self-Care


Acu Self-Care™ Method was developed for my patients for their home care so that can continue to lower their pain and feel better in between their acupuncture sessions.


It is based on the Acupuncture Feedback Technique™ (AFT) which I've developed over the course of nineteen years of being in clinical practice. With AFT, I began to focus on my clients’ specific areas of pain to find the best acupuncture points to relieve their pain immediately. Unlike many other acupuncturists, I began to press different areas of their body, corresponding to the pain to find the personalized acupuncture points that worked best for them. This allowed me to get instant feedback on both where their bodies hurt and which points to focus on for the quickest, most powerful results.


What I noticed after doing this was that patients dealing with lower back pain felt at least a 50% reduction in pain for acute low back pain. In fact, many conditions had this same 50% reduction in pain after just one session. For those with intense, chronic pain, they could begin to find relief in as little as five sessions. Why did my acupuncture technique work so quickly? 


It’s because everything I did was targeted at the most important acupuncture points. I didn’t spread the treatment all over the body, but concentrated it on where it would benefit my patients the most. And not only that, I came to rely directly on feedback from my patients’ bodies. It’s because I listened to what their bodies needed to heal and put all of my efforts there.


I put all of this together and created the Acu Self-Care™ Method , one of the first personalized, focused for fast pain relief that you can implement at home. By simply pressing on key parts of the body, you can lower your pain and feel better. Whether it’s lower back pain, headaches, neck pain, colds, or upset stomach, these conditions can be relieved by accessing the key acupressure points in the Acu Self-Care™ Method , all with no side effects. 

With each acupuncture session, you'll receive a customized acupuncture points that you can work on at home through the Acu Self-Care™ Method.